Roland Security

In-house work

I worked as an in-house designer for Roland Security AS from 2016 through 2019. During my time there I was responsible for graphic design for both digital and printed surfaces. I created the company logo, marketing assets, newsletters, the company WordPress website and had varied design and content creation tasks pertaining to these, for example picking out photographs, creating iconography and Website SEO.

Roland Security specialised in IT-security services, their customer base  mostly consisted of other businesses. I opted to create a fresh identity, something that made Roland Security stand out a bit from the other IT-security companies with firewall emphasis already out there. My goal was to build the brand identity around ease of use, readability, contrast and evoking trust. I re-designed the company’s look and website at the end of 2019.

Visit their new website here:

Re-design work, 2019
Logo work, 2016
Business cards, 2017
Logo sketches, 2016
Website wireframe work